Earn up to 5.25% APY* in our easy-to-use Savings Account and Jars.

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Smarter banking built for you.
Earn 5.25% Annual Percentage Yield (APY)* with Milli’s Savings Account and Jars – no fees or minimums.
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Built For You

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Take control of your spending. Set spending challenges, track spend by merchant and category, all in real-time.

Create spending round-ups and auto-save rules to help you set aside more. Effortlessly grow your savings with 5.25% APY*.

Organize your savings into personalized Jars. Set aside money gradually and watch your Jars grow with our highly competitive 5.25% APY*.

Saving with Milli

An easier way to save. Milli’s savings tools allow you to separate funds for rainy days, a new car, or whatever matters most. You’ll earn 5.25% APY* on both your Savings Account and personalized Jars.

Spend Wisely with Milli

Real-time spend tracking lets you see how your spending habits impact your long-term goals. With Milli’s virtual bank card, you’ll know where every dollar goes, so you can make the most of every dollar left.

Milli is a modern bank for your financial planning journey

At Milli, we created a modern-day mobile bank built for today: flexible, secure, and customizable to your needs. Whether you are saving for a new house, planning for college, or looking to manage your spending habits a bit more closely, Milli Bank is built to help you. We are backed by 6 generations of banking experience that have put customers first for over 160 years. We’re bringing it all to banking – and putting you at the center.
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