Finance Astrology: What Type of Saver Are You? 

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Culture

Are your saving habits written in the stars? Indulge in some finance astrology and find out what type of saver you are based on your zodiac sign. See which of Milli’s mobile banking features could help you the most! 

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Money Horoscopes 


You are uncomplicated and direct in your confident approach, and you often get frustrated by exhaustive details and unnecessary nuances. If we had to guess, you probably aren’t following a budget spreadsheet very closely – but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a savvy saver (or could be). Automate the finer details with Milli’s set and forget rules!


Your all-or-nothing attitude paired with your natural ambition and tenacity makes you a force to be reckoned with. You find comfort in stability and consistency and you’re not one to shy away from hard work. You deserve a savings account that works just as hard as you do. While we know you’re adverse to change, we think you’ll enjoy the stability and consistency of our competitive Annual Percentage Yield helping you save more for all the luxurious things you love.  


You are smart, quick-thinking, intellectually curious, and if we had to guess, you were likely a “delight to have in class”. Your love for learning new insights makes you a conscious saver, but your charming, outgoing nature means you also likely have a fully booked calendar of lavish events to account for. No problem! Save for each of your grand adventures with our Jars, which allow you to get creative with your savings goals and help you stay on track as the life of the party.  


While you may have a rep for being sensitive, we see it as being extremely attuned to your emotions and highly intuitive. These strengths allow you to listen to both your heart and your head when making financial decisions. You seek security and stability, so we suggest you create a Jar for an emergency fund and let interest do the work to build the financial safety net you long for.  


You are confident, passionate, and wear your big-heartedness on your sleeve. You exude warmth but can be a little vain from time to time. It’s not your fault you naturally embody main-character energy! Not to steal the spotlight, but we think a Milli savings account could be a great fit for you. Let our APY do the work while you focus on being the star you are.  


You are obsessed with balance and strive to create equilibrium in all aspects of life, which likely explains why you avoid conflict like you’re allergic to it. While you’re a great collaborator, you seem to get stuck when it comes to making decisions. Say goodbye to that decision paralysis with Milli’s Set & Forget and Spending Round Up savings rules.  


You are practical, dependable, and meticulously conscientious – with those traits “super saver” might as well be included in your birth chart. While you wear your impeccable efficiency like a badge of honor, to the rest of us, it’s giving toxic perfectionism. No judgment, just a friendly reminder that you don’t have to do it all on your own! Put down your calculator and let Milli’s APY do what it does best – save you more money and time.  


You are known for your passionate and assertive nature fueled by an unmatched determination and focus. Nothing, and we mean nothing, is going to stop you from reaching your goals – financial or otherwise. On occasion you may be known to misuse your money (#YOLO, right?), but not without keeping most of it safely stashed away. Stash your cash with Milli and you’ll earn interest without having to lift a finger.  


You have an innate sense of optimism and a relentless desire for freedom making you a bold presence, no matter the setting. When you aim straight, you always hit your target – that’s why we know you’ll love Milli’s Jars. Create an end date, goal amount, and deposit cadence and let interest do the rest! You’ll be well on your way to your next solo escapade in no time.  


You are practical, determined, diligent, and good with money. You likely identify as a Super Saver and are probably the savviest saver of the zodiac signs. You do your due diligence when it comes to making financial decisions, and if we had to guess, you already had Milli’s competitive APY on your list of high-yield savings accounts to consider. All you have to do now is make the practical decision to get started!  


You are clever, analytical, assertive, and innovative, but you can also be unpredictable. Good thing you like to solve problems, because you are a bit bolder with your money moves. You’re likely saving, but also investing – way to go! Is your saving account working as hard as you are? If not, check out Milli’s.  


You are creative, generous, and intuitive which helps navigate your financial decisions with an imaginative finesse. Milli Jars could be the move for you – get creative and turn your daydreams into reality with up to five customizable Jars. 


Do you feel like your money horoscope was accurate – maybe even a little too on the nose? No matter your personal savings or spending habits, you need a solid bank in your corner (or pocket). Download Milli from the App Store or Google Play. Sign up today to start taking advantage of our helpful savings features, so you can have more money for the things that matter most! 

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