Meet the Team: Hayley Golden

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Culture

Do you ever wonder about the people creating and powering the things you use in your everyday life? Who engineered that new kitchen appliance, who programmed the traffic lights in your city, or maybe… who designed your mobile banking app? We do too. So, we’re here to pull back the curtain on the team here at Milli (member FDIC). 

We’re proud to showcase one of our superstar team members:  

Name: Hayley Golden 

Job title: Junior UX/UI Designer  

Describe what you do here at Milli: My job is to help design the journeys that a user may take while navigating through our application. In other words, I aim to identify user wants, needs, and pain points, and, in turn, create solutions while enhancing functionality. We’re ultimately trying to design a product that is intuitive, responsive, and easy to navigate, all while trying to make the product look polished and consistent. 

Why did you join Milli? I was looking for a design job after graduating college, and I happened to stumble upon a listing posted by Milli for a “UX/UI Design Intern.” I was eventually hired as a “Junior UX/UI designer” and the rest is history! 

How did you get into this career field? I have a degree in Industrial Design, which I like to describe as “physical product design.” UX/UI design is still product design, it’s just mostly digital. There are a lot of Industrial Designers that get into UX/UI since the development processes and skill sets needed are similar.  

Are you more of a spender, or saver? Saver! As a recent college graduate, I have a lot that I’m trying to save for. 
What’s your favorite aspect of the Milli app? The Savings/Jars APY, and how easy it is to transfer money into these accounts.  
What’s your current money mood and why? 🤑 I’m trying my best to save money and keep my eyes on the prize—this emoji just felt right. 

What’s a personal financial milestone that you’re working toward? Paying off my student loans and buying a house! 

What is your favorite hobby? Antique/Thrift shopping 

What is your favorite food? Ice cream 

Where is a place you want to travel? Iceland! I’d love to see the Northern Lights from there. 

What is a book you would highly recommend? The Kite Runner 

What is a quotation you live by? It’s not a quote, but the song “Vienna” by Billy Joel has a great message that I like to live by. 

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