Meet the Team: Hope Dorman

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Culture

Name: Hope Dorman 
Job title: Content Marketing Manager

Describe what you do here at Milli: I create content to educate people about Milli and general financial topics as well. I am the person behind this blog and I also write copy within the app! My goal is to get people to use and love Milli.  
Why did you join Milli? I joined Milli because I’ve been an avid personal finance fan for years. I was excited to be on a team that’s making banking, saving, and financial literacy more accessible. I remember even in my teen years trying to find financial content on the internet and only finding surface-level blog posts with tips like cutting back on buying coffee to save money, but knowing there had to be more impactful things I could do with my money. I knew at Milli I had an opportunity to create really meaningful, helpful content to help people improve their financial literacy.  
How did you get into this career field? I was always a strong reader and writer, so I received a bachelor’s degree in English. My dad taught me Photoshop as a teenager, so I picked up graphic design advertising work in college. I realized I could combine my education and skills and work in content marketing. 
Are you more of a spender, or saver? Saver all day. 
What’s your favorite aspect of the Milli app? Jars! I’m a frugal person and I often feel like I need permission to spend money on things that aren’t practical or my big financial goals. So, with the Jars I can save up for specific purchases and the money doesn’t come from my long-term savings funds. Right now, I have Jars for upcoming trips!  
What’s a personal financial milestone that you’re working toward? Braving the market and buying my first home.  
What is your favorite hobby?  Exercise – walking, swimming, biking, weight lifting, pilates, or dancing!  
What is your favorite food? Mashed potatoes. 
Where is a place you want to travel? Anywhere! But, Iceland has been on my list for a while. 
What is a book you would highly recommend? I’ve got a passion for learning about overlooked women’s contributions to history, so either Hidden Figures, Code Girls, or Fly Girls. 

What is a quotation you live by?
“Aut inveniam viam aut faciam” – which means “I shall either find a way or make one.”  

What’s your current money mood?    🙂🏠💸 

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