Meet the Team: Keenan Hawekotte 

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Culture

Data is a central point to aiding any technology-based company in making the right choices for their customers and products, and Milli is no different! As a mobile bank, we use data to help inform insights such as our customers’ needs and how we can more effectively fight fraud. Given the importance of data, we wanted to introduce a key team member in this role, and one who brings some fantastic energy to our team! 

Name: Keenan Hawekotte 

Job title: Head of Data & Analytics 

Photo of Keenan Hawekotte standing in the office and smiling next to a fiddle leaf fig tree


Describe what you do here at Milli: I am currently the head data wrangler. So essentially, I am trying to take all our data crumbs and rebuild the loaf with them! 

Why did you join Milli? We have entered a time in our world where data rules all and is being generated at an incomprehensible rate. Deep down I feel a strong pull to make use of that data, but not just any use, safe and proper use. With Milli, I know that this approach can be taken with care and respect for both the data and the user behind the data. I want to lead this charge, and that is why I joined. 

How did you get into this career field? By rolling with the punches. My degrees are all in math and so I started out in data science, moved to a full stack role as needed, and then integrated the two with data and search engineering. From there I’ve now taken on data directly and will keep rolling along to see what the future holds! 

Are you more of a spender, or saver? Let’s just say that I am a good American and help to keep the economy moving along. 
What’s your favorite aspect of the Milli app? Availability. Want to move money to a Jar at a random hour? Done. Want to move money while waiting in line at the store? Done. It’s always right there and always ready. Plus, it looks pretty dang sleek! 

What’s a personal financial milestone that you’re working toward? A farm somewhere in rural Idaho! Let’s grow some veggies, bake all day, and enjoy the sun while it’s out. 🌞🏡👨‍🌾 

What is your favorite hobby? Baking! I won’t claim to be any good at it, but that’s why it’s a hobby, right? … Right? 

What is your favorite food? Oh no, don’t do this to me! Right now, I’d say that it’s ither a well-aged (think 4-5+ year old) gouda, or a classic Bavarian pretzel (with a big ol’ dough belly). 

Where is a place you want to travel? Antarctica! Let’s go see some seals and penguins! 🐧 

What is a book you would highly recommend? Depending on your mood: A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson (non-fiction), Optimal Control of Systems Governed by Partial Differential Equations by Jacques Louis Lions (academic), The Aviary Cocktail Book by The Aviary (relaxation). 

What is a quotation you live by? Everything in moderation, including moderation. 

What’s your current money mood? 💅 

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