Milli Holiday Schedule

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Culture

Holidays are a time to relax, recharge, celebrate, and spend time with friends and family.  

Milli Bank observes U.S. federal holidays, including banking holidays. For a few days per year, Milli will be closed to allow our team members time to step away from work and enjoy the holiday.  

Keep reading to learn more about our holiday schedule and what this means for your money movement and getting support from our team. 

Milli’s Holiday Schedule – 2023 

Here are the holidays we’ll observe for the remainder of this year: 

Monday, October 9 – Columbus Day 

Friday, November 10 – Veterans Day (observed) 

Thursday, November 23 – Thanksgiving 

Monday, December 25 – Christmas 

Can I Get Support on a Holiday?

At Milli, federal holidays will have limited support. This is an important time for our team to spend with family and friends and provides an opportunity to recharge for the following business days. As a mobile bank there are still resources to help you. 

We always encourage you to start by reviewing our Help Center for answers to their questions. If you still need assistance from our customer support team, send a chat or email. It will remain in the queue for when our agents are back online. 

How Do Deposits Work on Holidays? 

Just like other banks, Milli only processes deposits on business days – Monday through Friday. Banks do not process deposits on weekends or federal holidays. If your incoming deposit is not posted to your account before a holiday, processing will take another day.

Can I Move Money Within Milli on a Holiday? 

You can move money within your own Milli account on a holiday – move it around between your Spending account, Savings account, and Jars as much as you like! Need to top up your Spending account with money from Savings or Jars for a purchase or cash withdrawal? Want to transfer money from Spending to Jars or Savings to start accruing interest? Go for it!

Can I Get Cash from my Milli Account on a Holiday? 

You can withdraw cash through ATMs in the Allpoint(R) ATM Network. Check out the ATM finder map for locations and hours. They are commonly located in CVS, Walgreens, Target, and many other regional retailers and convenience stores.  

Milli’s Hours of Operations 

We have agents online between 8:30AM and 5PM Central time every day of the week, except for holidays when we close. 

You can always send a chat or email outside of those hours, and we’ll get to it when our team is back online. 


Milli always strives to provide the best experience in mobile banking to support your needs – now, and in the future. We appreciate your patience on the few days per year our team is offline, and we will be back the next business day with renewed energy! 

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