Your Pocket Piggy Bank

Personalized savings experience, built by you, for you.

Earn 4.75% Annual Percentage Yield* with Milli’s Jars.


Take Your Glass Jar Digital

Budgeting and saving no longer require a cash jar.
Create up to 5 customized digital Jars with Milli, upgrading how you save for upcoming purchases.
This a is a graphic of a glass jar with an arrow pointing to the icon of the Milli Jar.
This is a mobile rendering of the phone screens you see when creating a Milli Jar.

There’s A Jar For That

Financial goals aren’t one size fits all, your savings account shouldn’t be either.

With Milli’s Jars, you can direct funds and set aside money to save for whatever’s next.

You decide.

Dollars Saved, Goals Fulfilled

Set a goal amount and end date for your Jar and let Milli do the math.
We’ll calculate how much you need to save monthly, weekly, or daily to hit your target, keeping you on track.
Mobile phone notification stating congratulations for reaching your Jar goal of a new house paint.
Mobile phone notification stating congratulations for reaching your Jar goal of a new puppy.
4.75 APY interest and phone app

We Invest with Interest

We’re committed to helping you reach your savings goals faster.

With Milli you’ll earn our competitive 4.75% APY* on the balance in your Savings account and all of your Jars.
4.75 APY interest and phone app

Great Rate, Greater Return

Saving will never go out of style with Milli’s competitive 4.75% APY* – no fees or minimums.
Love the Jars feature of the app. Helps ya get a visual of your individual savings while still giving you your total savings value.


Lance, Google Play Store

I love watching my interest accrue daily. Great feature. Jars is a great feature as well. I’m not worried about bank failure, my money is FDIC insured up to $250,000 so I feel safe with my investment.
Boodles07, Apple App Store

A few things that I personally like is 1) Fast and easy to open an account 2) Funding the account is easy including linking external accounts 3) Ease of navigation through out the app and screens. Overall great customer experience.
NKNNE, Apple App Store

JMarchView, Apple App Store

Love it!! This is one of the absolute best banking fintech apps I have ever used, it’s very user friendly and is focused around saving money, not spending it. 10/10 recommend everyone to use it.

Jorge H., Google Play Store Store

Excellent service and security.

Emperor Y, Apple App Store

This fintech bank app is amazingly amazing. Good for saving money with a high APY* interest. Using the app is really friendly. Easy to use and really great. I love it and will be placing most of my assets there. I really love it.

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