Savings made simple

Enjoy 4.75% APY* today!
Milli is an app-based mobile bank built to make saving money simple and help you reach your savings goals faster. Build a customized savings plan that allows you to save your money right out of the gate. Milli will help you stick to your financial goals with functionality like automated savings deposits and helpful insights. 
Savings jars on iPhone

What makes Milli different?

4.75% APY*

Highest interest rate

Easy set up

Automatic transfer from your current bank


Achieve your goals

Free banking

No fees or minimums

100% online

Always open

Milli helps you save for the things that matter most

Our Jars are a fun way to set goals and achieve them in record time. Whether it’s a new bike, a family vacation, or your kid’s college tuition fund, Jars makes savings fun and easy.
Auto-save rules help grow your money easily. They take the hard work out of saving by automatically putting money aside for you. Set them up, and watch your savings grow.
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