Spend smarter today, save more for tomorrow

Take control of your money with a Milli™ Bank Spending account.
The Milli Debit Card is an intelligent bank card with real-time notifications, and spending insights tracked directly in the Milli mobile banking app. No more waiting for statements or doing the math in your head, just a smart bank that lets you see where your money goes today so you can make the best of tomorrow. 

Challenge accepted. Keep your spending on track.

Milli helps you get the most out of every penny and helps you create better habits. Spending challenges let you set goals so you can save more at the end of each month. Set how much you plan to spend on categories like dining out, travel, and groceries. Milli will help you stay on track.
This is an image of the Spending Screen inside the Milli App.

See your spending patterns in real-time

With Milli, we make money clear-cut and help you see your spending in real-time. No more waiting for statements or doing math in your head. You will always know how much you can spend, so you know how much you can start to save. See spend by merchant, category, and purchases under $10.
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