Women in Banking: Team Milli 

by | Mar 8, 2024 | Culture

At Milli, we celebrate the strength of our team, where every member shines in their role. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re thrilled to showcase some of the remarkable women who contribute to the vibrancy of team Milli. Learn more about their experiences, stories, and passions working in the banking industry. 


Sara S. on the Milli Risk team, says, “I had been working in the service industry (bartending and serving) and after having my daughter, I decided I needed a more predictable source of income, benefits, and to be home before 2 AM. I was hired as a part-time teller, had some really great female and male mentors, and never looked back! It’s also been really empowering to see more women taking senior leadership and C-Suite roles at a rate which is not so common in other industries. I have also found this industry to be more supportive of work-life balance as well as DEI initiatives!” 


Product Manager Maria Kokkalas also got her start in banking after switching from the hospitality industry. She says, “I love how we are able to help people with their day-to-day finances but also to help them achieve their dreams and financial goals. In the future, I would love to see more females in executive level roles like CEO, CCO, CFO.”  
She recalls how her parents shaped her experiences with finances, sharing, “I remember my first big purchase. It was my first car when I was 16. My parents paid half and I paid the other half. I realized by me paying part of it that made me appreciate my car more and was so much prouder of it than if my parents just gave me a car.” 


Social Media Manager Aly Kuehl returned to the banking field. She says, “I had worked in traditional banking previously and was interested in the idea of reentering the industry years later knowing the landscape had changed. I was excited to be able to help bridge the gap between the financial industry and technology and view banking through a more modern lens that meets the needs of today’s customers.” 


Image of Heather Beahm smiling

Heather Beahm, a Program Manager, works in this industry to bring financial literacy to others. She says, “I love being a part of teams who create experiences that can help others build financial wellness. I would like to see all people have more financial literacy. Unfortunately, not everyone is taught how credit, savings, and investing work. Having more financial literacy, especially at a younger age, allows people to make more informed decisions about how to save, budget, or invest for the things they want. My parents started teaching me about budgeting and the negative impacts of large credit card debt. I never understood why they lectured me about it at such a young age but when I was older, I completely understood. I’m glad to say that all their lecturing worked.” 


Product Manager Yvonne Uttech loves the nature of the financial services industry. She says, “Choosing the banking industry allows me to indulge my passion for a dynamic and ever-evolving environment. The fast-paced nature of fintech aligns perfectly with my desire for continuous challenges and growth. Women bring a diverse perspective and leadership that should be celebrated and embraced to continue to make an impact on the industry.” 

We are proud to work alongside women that are passionate about the work they are doing to move the needle in the banking industry!  


When it comes to the financial services industry, Milli is excited to be at the forefront of mobile banking. We’re energized by every chance to evolve to serve our customers. Of course, it’s our fantastic team that makes that happen! 

At Milli, we’re all about helping people save for what matters most. We’ve got helpful spending insights, automated savings features, a highly competitive annual percentage yield, and customizable Jars. There’s no time like the present – download Milli from the App Store or Google Play and sign up today. 

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